Higher Education Services

WealthPath has a unique investment approach that uses dynamic asset allocation inside higher education retirement plans.  We will analyze your 403(b) or 457(b) plan and select the appropriate funds for you to invest in, saving you the time of sorting through sometimes hundreds of investment options.  Assisting you in your choice between multiple plan providers is another service we offer. Being an independent firm gives us the advantage of working with most of the platforms offered by university benefit plans, such as Fidelity and TIAA.  We can also assist you with strategies for taking advantage of an employer match and when to utilize a deferred compensation plan.

Is our service for you?  It might be if:

  • You do not review or rebalance your portfolio on a regular basis
  • You would like a little more personal attention to your portfolio, and additional services like big-picture financial planning, retirement income or savings strategies, or help deciding when to retire or take social security
  • Investments are confusing or you do not have the time to manage your account yourself
  • You don’t currently have an investment strategy, or have just bought and held the same investments for years
  • You were placed in the plan’s default investment (like a 2030 target date fund) without reviewing your risk tolerance and long-term goals

WealthPath can run a free simulation of how your current portfolio would have performed in the past during both good and bad markets, as well as comparing against other potential portfolios.

For higher education accounts, we have no minimum account size.  We can assist investors of any size, whether your account balance is $1,000 or $1,000,000.

See our pages on Individual Investor Services, our Investment Strategies, and Pricing for more details on our services.  For more information please use see our Contact Information or email info @ wealthpath.net.