Retirement Plan Services

The WealthPath Difference

Your retirement plan should be something you are excited to offer employees. We enjoy helping employers design a plan that encourages saving for the future while minimizing effort, compliance risks, and cost.

Clients choose us because of our:

  • Emphasis on education, including individualized employee consultations

  • Company focus on advising retirement plans

  • Experience with over a dozen recordkeeping and TPA vendors, to help you choose the right one for your plan

  • Ability to sign on as a plan fiduciary with the employer

  • Custom asset allocation portfolios

  • Independent and objective investment monitoring reports that look beyond just past performance to also consider cost, risk, and other factors

  • Experience advising a wide range of plan types: 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), non-qualified deferred compensation, cash balance, and other pension-type plans

We Help Plans To:

  • Choose a plan recordkeeper, administrator, and fund lineup, based on specific needs

  • Implement impactful plan design changes to drive more participation or savings

  • Regularly benchmark the plan to ensure costs and services remain competitive

  • Monitor investments for expenses/risk/performance. We primarily recommend low-cost index funds from companies such as Vanguard, Blackrock, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab.

  • Draft and follow an Investment Policy Statement, when needed

  • Document plan meetings and the reasons fund/plan changes are made

  • Walk through the required government corrections process if any mistakes are made

  • Consult on regulatory changes such as fee disclosure, fiduciary redefinition, and hardship withdrawals

  • Walk through the various ways to offload or reduce personal fiduciary liability: Hire 3(38) investment management fiduciary, consult ERISA counsel, 3(16) outsourced plan administration, fiduciary liability insurance

  • Discuss adding a non-qualified deferred compensation plan or cash balance plan to retain key employees or help business owners save more

  • Educate employees on plan investments, plan features, and target savings rates

  • Conduct standard annual, semi-annual, or quarterly plan reviews, but also conduct more in-depth compliance checklist reviews to ensure plan terms and employer responsibilities are well-understood

Our Experience

We have a CFA® charterholder, individuals with finance & economics degrees, a former HR manager, several AIF designations, a practicing CPA in AR, a practicing attorney in AR, and an individual with a master’s degree in computer science on staff, so we have a broad range of perspectives and experience at WealthPath. We also budget tens of thousands of dollars per year that we devote to plan-focused software tools, research and technology initiatives, and continuing education.

For Employees

Employee education and our individualized consultations may be the most impactful service we provide to retirement plans.  Our experience is that individual meetings with employees are much more successful than webinars or phone calls in inspiring employees to save for their retirement and getting them into an asset allocation that is compatible with their risk tolerance, financial situation, and retirement goals.  Because of this belief, we prefer to do education onsite at each employer location.  Offering all employees the option to meet with one of our advisors at each enrollment is one common approach.  For example, if enrollments happen quarterly, we would typically offer both new and existing employees the opportunity to meet with one of our advisors quarterly.  For questions that come up between enrollment dates, we also make ourselves available to employees by phone or email.

Compliance Resources

With any decision about plan design or fund/vendor selection, it is important to consider how that decision can impact plan compliance.  We have experience advising on many common compliance issues, such as handling late contributions, vesting calculation errors, eligibility determination, QDROs, and compensation calculations.  We have walked plans through the voluntary corrections process and have also worked with several ERISA attorneys on more complex situations that required in-depth legal help.  Assisting you in locating a knowledgeable plan auditor is another service we can provide.

Custom Portfolios

We manage 5 Smart Risk portfolios that we can offer inside retirement plans using either collective funds or custom plan-specific asset allocations.  We are very proud of our portfolio performance track record that dates back over 15 years and is verified by an independent performance analysis firm.  Your plan would never have an extra WealthPath fee for employees that choose to invest in our portfolios since we believe doing so can create an unnecessary conflict of interest when we are also helping employees choose investments.


We only work for retirement plans as fee-only fiduciary advisors.  This means we do not accept any revenue sharing, kickbacks, commissions, or any other form of compensation from fund companies or plan vendors for recommending them to you.  Our advisory fee will be clearly documented as a small percentage of plan assets or a specific dollar amount and can be billed to the employer or deducted from plan assets. Exact plan pricing is determined based on the services required, size, and complexity.